Sactown Blues is an urban fantasy heavily using the Dresden Files RPG and the FATE system. Grab your fudge dice and get ready for a fun time.

Campaign Themes & Threats

The Blues is magic. I believe it to my core. But music ain’t the only supernatural or paranormal thing out there. Sacramento is rife with creepy things, as I like to call them. There are the young vampires lurking out at the University, looking for a sweet meal. And these pretty boys and girls don’t suck your blood like in the stories, and they aren’t sparkly either. These youths are after your will to live. Now, I ain’t saying we don’t have our share of the the older, blood sucking variety of vampires. Those creepies lurk down in the undercity, the original city that was built over due to the flooding that used to plague Sactown back in the day, before they built the levies. We also have occult practitioners in Midtown (and a few other places), as well as rumors of aliens working with the Air Force at the so-called ‘decommissioned’ Mather Air Force Base (now called Mather Airfield). Oh, lets not forget those native american spirits near Sutter’s Fort and some of the other historical sites, nor the ghosts in the old victorians throughout the heart of the city. We’ve even got terrifying creatures lurking in the rivers, and a gang of criminals hold up in Folsom Prison that run a pretty sweet crime ring. Gangs abound, and we have some of the meanest biker gangs around. But, my friends, the scariest of all are… the politicians at the Capitol. The government wants to keep all of this under wraps, and I don’t blame them.


By the way, my name is Slim, and I’m the owner of Sactown Blues, a brick and mortar vinyl music shop. You know, the dying breed of stores that have fallen under the thumb of not only the mega-mall superstores, but the entire electronic age of media storage. Me, I stick to the old ways. A good old record player suits me just fine.

Blues is my passion, and I toot a pretty mean blues harp, and I’ve been lucky enough to jam with some of the greats. Come into the store sometime and you can see all the pictures on my walls. Sometimes, up on the roof over the shop, I’ll hold the occasional blues performances. We did it much more in years past. How was I supposed to know you needed a permit to hold public performances. Getting the permits is an ongoing red-tape nightmare, but with the proper wheel-greasing, we have a good time up on the roof, featuring the best blues and rock groups Sacramento has to offer,. We even get a few of the bigger named groups, when I can persuade them to visit town.

Hell, that part is easy, cuz Sac is conveniently close to everywhere. I pull them over to our neck of the proverbial woods (Sacramento is known for having the most varieties of trees of any city in the country). You see, two hours’ drive will take you just about anywhere. Reno, Tahoe, San Francisco, the beautiful Napa Valley and many more (and sometimes less pleasant) places. California is touted as a paradise. Sure it is beautiful, sunny, and the ladies are oh so sweet. But when that gorgeous sun goes down, thats when all the creepy things like to come out to play. It can be dangerous, and the worst part is… the masses, those normal folk out there, they got no idea. Not until some random ghoul creeps into their lives, looking for a meal. Even then, they are usually too dim-witted to accept the truth right before their eyes. And the authorities either look at the attack as either some wild animal hunting too close in the city, or worse, the super officials come in and sweep up the victim, denying that anything untoward ever happened.

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I have been taking notes (and kicking ass when I was a younger man). I have tried to catalogue whats going on, but I don’t share this stuff with just any yahoo. Consider yourself lucky. What you will read in these pages may seem like fiction at best, insanity at worst. But I assure you, whether it is true or not, if you go around repeating any of it, you are sure to draw attention, and I am not talkin’ about the good kind of attention. Not the late-night sultry eyes looking ravenously at you, attention. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s not me or mine that’ll be after you. Heh, this ol’ man’s the least of your worries.

Enjoy my friends. I hope you like the Blues!

~Slim Sparrowhawk (Aspect: Music makes the man)

Sactown Blues

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