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Dune Investigations
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Stettler building

Located in on the second floor of the Stettler Building in Midtown at 2715 K Street, the office is 1 block from Sutter General Hospital and overlooks Sutter’s Fort, has underground parking, and offers its clients great ambiance in a midtown location.

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Eva Dune got her P.I. license in June of 2012 and opened her office on a shoestring two months later. While investigating her first case in September of that year (a case involving a drug overdose death and aggressive behavior by patrons at the local nightclub Count’s Vamp’d), Eva teamed up with a small group who were at like purposes.

During the investigation, the group was bankrolled by a wealthy and anonymous client (to the tune of a half-million dollars cash), and she took in her new friends as partners and private consultants. Together they work as a team to solve unusual and bizarre cases.

The small suite of offices has recently undergone a renovation, now that they can actually afford such things as furniture, a proper filing system, and a copier. Jeannine Schwartz was also hired to replace Eva’s answering machine as the office receptionist and secretary.


Dune investigations was attacked by one of the The Geun Brothers, along with Stan Graff and Kytten Fox. The team decided to close Dune Investigations, reopening in a much more secure building under the new incorporated name of Capitol Investigations.

Dune office plan


Sactown - Dune Investigations

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