Sacramento Weekly Star

SWS 66:15

Innovative and intelligent, Sacramento’s favorite weekly publication has long been the Sacramento Weekly Star. In fact, the Weekly Star is Sacramento’s second-largest newspaper, so its readers are as diverse as Sacramento itself. With irreverence and attitude, the Weekly Star tackles local, state and national issues in a way that keeps readers coming back for more. Whether it is the annual “Best of Sacramento” issue, a revealing investigative feature about what’s in local drinking water, or a take-no-prisoners exposé about local politics, the Weekly Star is constantly challenging the boundaries of journalism. More importantly, the Weekly Star is committed to giving voice not only to our writers’ opinions, but also to the opinions of our readers.

Our hard-hitting news stories, our community arts and entertainment, and our fact-finding investigations focus and our willingness to take on issues that really matter to people have earned us a readership of nearly one-fourth of the adult market in the Sacramento area. Our readers are smart, open-minded, contemporary people who look to our paper for everything from news to entertainment to where to shop.

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Sacramento Weekly Star

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