Bettencourt Dairy Farms

Bettencourt Dairy Farms

When 17-year-old John Bettencourt left Portugal in 1895 to seek his fortune in the United States, he had no idea he was about to create a dairy legacy. By 1910, he had founded a successful family milk distribution business in South Sacramento’s community of Elk Grove that grew to a 40-man operation with 28 routes by 1940.

As the market for home deliveries declined in the mid-50s, the Bettencourt family adapted their business and made the successful transition to the institutional and grocery wholesale milk business by the late 1960s. By then, many of Bettencourt’s grandchildren had positions of responsibility in the growing company and continued to carry on their Bettencourt Farms heritage.

Bettencourt Farms’ impressive growth in the past four decades was accelerated by some key acquisitions of area dairies and creameries. March 1998 marked the beginning of a new era for Bettencourt Farms with the start up of its new milk processing plant in Galt. The 220,000-sq.-ft. facility, which replaced the dairy’s 51-year-old Elk Grove facility, fulfilled a public commitment by Bettencourt Farms to maintain its headquarters and milk processing plant in the Sacramento Area rather than relocate to the Central Valley.

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Owner Frank Bettencourt is the head of the family business, despite his semi-retired status. Chief Operations Manager Chet Greenbladt (Husband to Dory Bettencourt Greenbladt) does the heavy lifting these days, and many of the Bettencourt family take up any slack left over.


Frank Bettencourt and most of the blood relatives are Maulwurf, a mole-like type of Wesen.


Bettencourt Dairy Farms

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