Below are some additional templates that you can use (in conjunction with the GM) to build your character. I’d like to give a huge thanks to Keryth987 over at Shadows Over New York – I have borrowed most of this section from him.

The template pages are works in progress. Please be patient!!

Character Options/Templates

The following is a list of possible character options/templates. Many of these have not been developed yet.

  • A Government Agent/Special Investigations
  • A Politician
  • Law Enforcement
  • EMT/Forensics
  • An Academic
  • A Member of Organized Crime or a Gang
  • A Hunter
  • A Mercenary
  • A Journalist
  • A Business Owner
  • A Coffeehouse Employee (or any other employer)
  • A Clergyman
  • A Minor Talent
  • One with Psychic Abilities
  • One of the Abducted (alien/techno experiment/magical experiment)
  • A Focused Practitioner
  • A Lycanthrope
  • A Wesen
  • A Grimm
  • A Red Court Infected
  • A Weak Were-Form
  • A White Court Virgin

There are many other options available. Consult with the GM during character creation for more options. You are encouraged to be creative and think outside the box. Refer to the Influences section for more ideas.

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