Soul of the City

The Soul of the City Beats
with the Rhythm of Her Music

Sacramento is a living, thriving city, with a beat and pace all her own. Spend just a day here, and you will understand.

Music is an important part of city life in Sacramento. Any night of the week, one can look in the calendar of the SW✮S and find half a dozen venues, from divey bars to elegant night clubs, that offer live music; fantastic rock, folk, blues, indie, country, punk, industrial, and many other genres of music. On the weekends, that number quadruples, at least. And there are many venues that don’t advertise, they have a following, and their clientele brings in folks from all around. Additionally, Sacramento holds a large number of venues that accommodate the larger artists. The Power Balance Pavilion (formerly Arco Arena) is the largest, and is also home to the Sacramento Kings basketball champions. The Convention Center has several venues, including a theatre that hosts international stars and Broadway style touring companies. Across the street is the Memorial Auditorium, that has been around for decades and can also accommodate large audiences. Within close driving distance is the Thunder Valley Casino, the Sleep Train Amphitheater, the California State Fairgrounds, and many others. A sizable (but not exhaustive) listing may be found here.

In addition to the live music scene here in Sactown, there is also a huge club market, with dance and techno beats churning the emotions of those seeking a good time. DJs abound here, and they spin every imaginable type of music. Lets not also forget Karaoke, for Sacramentans are not simply about listening and dancing the beats. Dozens of bars and night clubs feature Karaoke nights, and some are dedicated full-time to the talents of their patrons’s talents.

Needless to say, Sacramentans hold music close to their heart, and without the music, the city would be a distinctly different place. The diversity of cultural interests and genres is staggering, and as such, the nightlife and music scene and its venues are important to this campaign.

Additionally, there is also a rhythm to the city. Traffic flows to the beat of the people who live here, hectic and upbeat during rush hour, leisurely and relaxed in the wee hours of the morning, and every tempo in between. One can almost palpably feel her beat; just take a walk downtown, or through Old Sac. You will feel it, even if you don’t hear the music. Speaking of Old Sac and music – she has her own feel, with the old-west frontier buildings and boardwalks, and dozens of restaurants and bars that pack in the audiences for live music and stand-up comedy. Once a year, Old Sacramento is host for the largest Dixieland Jazz Festival in the world.

All of the arts are important to those who live here, and just about any weekend from spring until late autumn, one can find an arts or music festival within two hour’s drive. There are many art galleries, poetry readings, and other creative outlets for local as well as international artists.

More subtly, there is an undercurrent of magic in the town. In part due to two ley lines that course right through the heart of the city.

The first is a moderately strong ley line, traveling from the south east along Highway 16 (also called the Jackson Highway), passing through downtown along K Street, crossing the river and continuing north west, eventually cutting across Clear Lake, the city of Ukiah, right through the Jackson State Forest and finally passing through Fort Bragg before hitting the Pacific Ocean. This is the same ley line that cuts through Las Vegas and Yosemite State Park before sluicing through Sactown. It carries a pulse which beats more strongly during the hours when the sun is hidden by the earth.

The other ley line emanates from San Francisco, passing through Sacramento in from the south west. It passes right through the State Capitol building and intersects the other line directly on the site of the Sacramento Convention Center, creating a significant node there. Beyond the inner city, the ley line continues in a north-easterly direction, and the majority of Interstate 80 towards Reno has been built right on top of it. It cuts across the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and eventually passes through Boise Idaho and points beyond.

All in all, Sacramento thrums with energy and invigoration.

Slim Sparrowhawk Sactown Blues Local vinyl-only record store and rooftop music
venue. For Slim, music fuels the soul and is a strong force of nature.
Slade Slasher Charnel House Records New music industry big-wig company in Sactown.
They are trying to capitalize on the industry and control the music scene in town.
Colin “Patch” Vancouver E.L.F. Environmental terrorists who have determined that all that loud music is bad for the world – (and want to sever that conduit to the beyond).
Annie Mae Annie Mae’s Cafe A downtown all-night eatery, Annie Mae’s has great food, and the jukebox always seems to spin the perfect tunes.

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