Sactown - The Charnel House

The Charnel House Record Label

Artists on Charnel House have been featured in high profile publications such as Rolling Stone, Newsweek, Maxim, NME, Billboard, Nylon, Jane, Los Angeles Times, Alternative Press, and have been interviewed by BBC and NPR. They have also been featured on, iTunes, Virb, Myspace, Stereogum, FuelTV, MTV and etc.

Charnel House Records develops artists and markets their music by providing ongoing and extensive press and radio campaigns, tour promotion, festival exposure, street marketing, film and TV licensing, retail marketing and merchandising. To keep up with the increasing Web 2.0 services available, Charnel House has developed a presence online with local, regional, national and international blogs, online social networking sites, and internet radio. Grave Times, the label’s blog, offers current news and links to their artists online.

Reginald Park III was COO at Prince’s Paisley Park record label and studios in the Twin Cities. Paisley Park was owned by Prince and was a subsidiary of Warner Brothers. The record label closed due to differences between Prince and the Studio. Reginald Park III sought to expand the family empire westward, but did not wish to traffic the LA or SF markets directly, finding Sactown the perfect venue to open the record label. The indie music scene in Sacramento was sadly lacking representation, and Charnel House has fit the bill with a flourish.

Theme or Threat



Slade Slasher is the public face of CHR, a celebrity spokesman known as a 1982 one-hit wonder, for his tune Reaper Reaper.

More info to follow as it is discovered.


Outta The Black has recently signed with CHR. There may be a connection between the record label and the club, Count’s Vamp’d.


Sactown - The Charnel House

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