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One thing the mainstream media does not disclose about E.L.F., and perhaps they don’t know, is that the bulk of the team members are actually elves. They are Sidhe from the Nevernever who have joined forces with mortals in the cause of stopping harm to the environment by any method. These fey are all outcasts from their respective courts, and hold no allegiance or power within Summer, Winter, Spring nor Autumn. They know the ways into and out of the Nevernever, and use the prolific amount of entrances here in Sactown to avoid detection and capture. Mortals and other supernatural creatures can find sanctuary with E.L.F., as long as they are true to the cause, and many members of this terrorist organization are creatures who for one reason or another, have betrayed their own kind. Some use E.L.F. as a temporary hideaway, but due to the problematic nature of the elusive and well-resourced group, any with contrary motives are usually discovered and eliminated, made example of, and used as unwilling martyrs.

E.L.F. has complete disregard for the Unseelie Accords, as well as mortal laws. Their agenda is fairly straight forward: Destroy anything that threatens the environment – specifically anything that threatens the ways into the Nevernever, and anything that would threaten their realm. The members of E.L.F. do no discriminate. They do not care if it is a mortal or supernatural threat. They are patient and they are meticulous. They have powerful contacts placed in government, and even have an agent secretly placed within the White Council of Wizards.

Unlike conventional eco-terrorists, E.L.F. utilizes all resources at hand, including mortal practitioners, supernatural entities, and even aliens and alien technology to further their goals. Some of these goals do also do not align with traditional and conventional eco-terrorism, due to their supernatural take on the environmental issues. It is primarily due to the fact that their “environment” extends into the Nevernever, and that they have the ability to perceive magical and mystical threats to the environment.

One of the recent attacks (December 21st, 2009), involved destroying several 370’ tall radio towers, claiming the radio waves produced by those towers (and it was only two towers, no more no less), were damaging the environment. The true reason behind the attacks were never discovered, and the location of the replacement radio towers were relocated five miles away, and they have not been subject to attack.

In all, this mysterious and enigmatic group clearly has a distorted agenda, and will not hesitate to harm anyone who gets in their way. The mainstream media chalks them up as a radical fanatic group, and so far they have taken a low priority on the law enforcement to-do list.

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Patch vancouver


Colin “Patch” Vancouver is the illusive spokesman for E.L.F. His contact with media and government officials is either via delivered video recording, or the occasional hijacking of a video news feed. It is believed by some that he is a changeling, but his use of electronic video suggests that he is no practitioner. Vancouver sports an eye patch, the trophy of an old skirmish with law enforcement.


Sactown - Environmental Life Force

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