Sactown Blues

Sactown blues

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Sactown Blues is much more than a record store. It is a hangout for the musically-minded. At any time during business hours (and often times after the times posted), one can find a handful of folks hanging out and talking about music, life and everything in between. Many of the folks that are drawn to the shop are “in the know”, and one never knows just what rumors or information can be found here. The owner, Slim, although a good-natured fellow, is also a stern and moral man, and his love of music goes deeper than anyone else in town.

On the weekends, there are usually live bands performing up on the roof, which has been renovated and turned into a (dry) blues club. Also, sometimes on a Sunday (after church), you can hear Slim and a few friends holding an impromptu jam session. If you want to hear some great local rock and blues bands (and a few more famous groups and artists), Sactown Blues is the place to be.

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Slim Sparrowhawk is the owner/proprietor of Sactown Blues, a kindly black man whose life has led him down many roads. He attracts good people to his store, and he is treated (and acts) like a grandfather to everyone that crosses his threshold. He is a kind and caring man who always wears an easy smile. Although he rarely sells any of his records, he seems to never have need for money. “The Lord Provides,” he says when the topic of his livelihood comes up. Slim regularly attends church, and is a devout man.

The stairs leading up to the store


  • Slim is a man of faith, with an uncanny ability to know just when to nudge folks into doing ‘the right thing,’ or simply bringing forces together in a positive way.
  • Cab Callahan is Slim’s friend. Cab was murdered in the record store, and his spirit has not passed on. He is bound by the threshold of the store and may not pass beyond its walls, though he can manifest on the roof. Cab, although a restless spirit, is not evil or violent. He only shows himself to those he trusts.


Sactown Blues

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