Sactown - Autumn Court Faeries

Autumn Court Faeries

Autumnal Faeries have a reputation for being cool in their dealings towards the mortals. They represent a time of the year where there is great festivity and abundance at the harvest, but the temperatures are falling and the heat of the summer is waning. They cannot be considered a force of good or evil, for while some are benevolent towards mankind, others are not. Like all faeries, they are amoral and have their own agendas. Their colorations tend to reflect the harvest time and rains, and they favor grey, scarlet, brown, orange and gold.

The power of the Autumn court is strongest at dusk. At the Summer Solstice, they take the power of the Stone Table for themselves and then give it over to Winter at the Autumnal Equinox. Enchantments that last for a full day from the Autumn Court break at sunrise, and the Faeries are painfully susceptible to the piercing of Spring’s air. Their magical talents lie in the earth and decay.

Autumn is allied with the Winter Court, and it was Queen Mab who conceded and returned much of what was originally Autumn’s demesne back to King Oberon and the Lord of Autumn, Elegast upon their return. The region of Autumn Faerie closes to Sactown is the Barony of Ten Thousand Oaks.

Theme or Threat



Katherine Bronzewood-Hart Ms. Bronzewood-Hart is a faerie agent in the mortal realm in Sacramento. Her work as President of Sacramento Valley Conservancy has given the Autumn Court a decided advantage (in the mortal realm) over the other three Courts.

The major nexus sites, by Lady Kat’s order, are being patrolled and protected by Belladonna , The Deadly Nightshade and her Oak Men.

Sactown - Autumn Court Faeries

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