Sacramento Valley Conservancy

Sacramento Valley Conservancy

The Conservancy is a legitimate business, with the philosophy based on two basic principles: that open lands are necessary for quality of life and that we must care for the land today so future generation may enjoy its physical and spiritual benefits tomorrow. That being said, it is also a front for the protection and promotion of the Faeries of the Autumn Court. The Autumn Court seized the opportunity to use this environmentally-minded agency to place their own in prominent positions, thereby strengthening their place in both the Mortal World and the Faerie Realm.

Sacramento’s nexus of access to Faerie is most unique, and it was (in part) regaining control over this nexus that helped to restore the Autumn Court to power,and the Conservancy is used to protect and maintain Autumn’s most sacred places.

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Katherine Bronzewood-Hart Ms. Bronzewood-Hart is a faerie agent in the mortal realm in Sacramento. Her work as President of Sacramento Valley Conservancy has given the Autumn Court a decided advantage (in the mortal realm) over the other three Courts. Kat Bronzewood-Hart is a member of the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board and an attorney with Abbott & Kindermann, LLP. Ms. Bronzewood-Hart’s primary area of practice is land use law. She represents the firm’s clients in processing all types of land use entitlements.

This Autumn-alligned changeling is dedicated to protecting her Court’s interests in the mortal realm, and has been known to utilize special agents, both Fey and Mortal, to accomplish her Court’s bidding. She is an understated heavy-hitter, and most supernatural creatures in Sactown don’t even know of her existence.


One of the Autumn Court’s agendas is to protect the Nexus of Ways. To that end, the infamous Faerie Enforcer known as The Deadly Nightshade is under Ms. Bronzewood-Hart’s direct instructions to keep the ways safe from meddlers and outsiders.

Sacramento Valley Conservancy

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