Below are the non-standard powers available to build your character. Refresh costs are listed with the power. While each of these powers are available, they require prior GM approval before being taken.

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Keryth987 over at Shadows Over New York – I have borrowed most of this section from him. Keryth987 acknowledges that the majority of these powers originated within the DFRPG Community on Jim Butchers Forums, primarily the topic dilligently compiled by Sanctaphrax (Found here). Here is another source of new Powers.

Undead [-2]

No Death result is permanent unless taken out by one of their catches, or their head is removed from their body. The character no longer ages. This power must be linked to a catch.
No need to take in traditional food, water, or air.
Unlike the Living Dead power, an Undead character still heals at the same rate as a mortal (or faster when combined with recovery powers.). Person appears as a normal human, except when using their Vampiric nature, which causes they fangs to show and their head to go all “Klingony”

Immortal Nature [-1]

Description: You are an Immortal, ageless from the time of your first death, and you are not alone… yet. Now is the time of the Gathering, and there can be only one.

Note: In terms of game effects, the uses of this ability are so minor and inherently balanced that they’re almost cosmetic; hence the low cost.

Musts: The Immortal Template is required to take this power.

Options: None.

Skills Affected: Lore

• Ageless. As a side-effect of your supernatural existence, your lifespan is extended indefinitely. You also may not reproduce in any fashion. In game terms these will rarely have relevance.
• Awareness. You automatically sense the presence of other immortals within 2 to 4 zones – determined by the GM in whatever manner best suits the story – as if you had succeeded on a Lore: Mystic Perception roll. However, those Immortals become aware of you even as you become aware of them, so no advantage is ever gained by either. This ability does not determine direction, distance, or number, only that one or more Immortals are in the area. This effect occurs each time a new Immortal is encountered, but only once per scene for any Immortal. Other creatures may perceive this aspect of you through a Lore check, though success is not guaranteed.
• Holy Ground. No Immortal knows for certain what would happen if they killed another on holy ground, they only know that they absolutely mustn’t. It is suggested that the Rulebreaker power be used in these situations, however, GMs are free to set their own penalties for violating this rule. Suggestions for optional penalties include negating this power entirely, at which point Father Time returns to collect his due, or inflicting an extreme consequence as if the Immortal had broken a magically binding oath.
• The Quickening. For taking the head of another Immortal, you are immediately granted a Fate point, which you always receive no matter how often you take a head. Taking an Immortal’s head also allows the Immortal to purchase stunts or powers which the defeated Immortal possessed, provided you have the refresh to do so.
• The Catch, Decapitation. This power sets an automatic catch of decapitation for all toughness powers acquired by an Immortal, and no other catch may be defined for those powers. It is worth either +1 for Inhuman level toughness powers, or +3 for all others. This catch applies when the Immortal is Taken Out by physical stress and consequences, and the opponent chooses to specifically behead the Immortal as part of their victory conditions. If the opponent does not choose to do so, the Immortal recovers according to the power’s normal function. Physical consequences taken that involve the neck area are also subject to the catch and do not benefit from toughness powers.

Incite Emotion trappings:

Emotion Burst [-1]: Requires At Range trapping. You may take a -2 penalty to your roll in order to have Incite Emotion affect everyone in a zone.
At Long Range [-1]: Requires At Range trapping. You may use Incite Emotion on a target up to three zones away

The Lord is my Shepard [-1]

Description: Due to your deep held beliefs in your faith and in a higher being your mind is shielded from those who wish to do you mental harm

Musts: Must have a supernatural high concept related to faith (i.e “mortal child of a Celestine”, High Shaman of Mother Earth etc").

Effect: As long as you have been true to the tenants of your belief system use Conviction +2 to ward off mental attacks/stress. In addition gain 1 mental armor. At the GM discretion, Glamors, illusion’s and the like that affect the mind can also use this power.

Danger Sense [-2]

Once per scene, you may spend a fate point to negate a physical attack.

Red Hot Knives [-1]

You may increase the weapon rating of your knives by two by filling in one mental stress box, this lasts for a number of exchanges equal to the value of the stress box you’ve filled in. Increase the bonus to three if you’ve cast a fire evocation in the last exchange.

Home is Where You Make It [-1]

This character carries his threshold with him, he may, with or without any special objects, setup a threshold with a value of two given adequate time to prepare (5-15 minutes). If the threshold is being setup in the open, then the size is up to the GM. It can be used to strengthen the existing threshold of a building by one. This power stacks with “Bless this House”.

Dream or Reality [-2]

For you the lines between Dream and Reality are blurred, so much so they are almost non-existant. You live just as much in the world of fantasy as you do on planet earth. You are able to bring your control of your Demesne into the mortal world. You are able to shape reality to your whim.
Skills Affected: Discipline

Musts: Demesne

Sculpt Reality. You can alter reality as if you were in your personal Demesne, though not as freely as you would be able to in the Nevernever. You can roll Discipline to place scene aspects as normal, and can even use discipline to physically attack using the (now) mutable nature of the zone against your opponents. However, your attacks are all weapon: 0. Any change you make is impermanent, and reverts to its original state at the end of the scene, however, you may spend a fate point to make a change permanent (or more, at the GM’s discretion).
Rapid Eye Movement. When you use this power your eyes flicker back and forth as if you were sleeping.
Illiteracy. You are unable to read, it is not because you do not know how, it is just that your brain is unable to correctly identify the symbols on the page. If you somehow loose access to this power, you will be able to read (if you were previously able to).
Improved Sculpting -1. Your attacks are now treated as Weapon: 2.
Powerful Sculpting -1. Your attacks are now treated as Weapon: 4, and any scene aspect you place is automatically made ‘Sticky’.

Impossible Jumps [-1]

Description: Gravity doesn’t seem to apply to you the way it does to normal people. You can jump like a video game character when you want to.

Skills Affected: Athletics

Superhuman Leap. You get +4 to all athletics rolls made to jump.
Limited Antigravity. You are completely immune to falling damage. You never need a running start to jump properly.
Double Jump [-2]. You can jump off of empty air. When rolling for jump distance, you may roll twice and add the results. When jumping during a conflict, you can remain in midair for a full exchange. Furthermore, you can dodge normally in midair.
Goomba Stomp [-1]. You can hurt someone pretty badly by jumping on them. You can use your athletics skill to attack in melee. If combined with double jump, you may skip an action in order to remain in midair for an exchange and reroll the attack.

Hyperspace Arsenal [-2]

Description: You seem to be able to fit an entire warehouse in your pockets. No-one’s really sure where stuff goes when you’re not using it.

Skills Affected: Might

Hammerspace. You can carry a full load (as determined by your might) without hindrance in an extradimensional compartment. The compartment exists outside time, so everything in it stays exactly as it was when it was put in.
Improved Hammerspace [-2]. You can carry much more than a full load in your extradimensional compartment. Add 8 to your might to determine the capacity of your compartment.
Secure Hammerspace [-1]. Nobody but you can access your extradimensional compartment. Metal in it doesn’t trigger metal detectors and so on. If you are unconscious or dead, the compartment cannot be opened at all.

Siren Song [-2]

The voice of a Siren, or those of their lineage, captivates unerringly – with song or no. Those within earshot of the character’s voice (non-amplified) have their attention diverted to the character – or in their direction, if the character cannot be seen. The character may then continue to keep those diverted enthralled to her voice with a mental challenge (based on Deceit), although no action other than keeping the victim’s attention may be compelled.

Haruspicy [-2]

Reading the entrails of sacred animals (dependent on cultural or supernatural heritage) is more of an art than a science. The ability to divine omens from the liver, heart, etc. functions like Cassandra’s tears – without the Catch, but with much more viscera.

Holistic Sense [-1]

Description: You are in tune with the fundamental interconnectedness of the universe. You can draw accurate (if bizarre) conclusions from seemingly random phenomena that bear no obvious relation to the matter you are considering.

Musts: You must have a high concept that would justify this power, such as Holistic Detective, Zen Master, or Protector of the Balance.

Skills Affected: Scholarship, Investigation, and others as appropriate.

The Butterfly Effect. You can make an Assessment check using any skill you possess, with only a tenuous justification. The only requirement is that you vary your skills, selecting a different skill with each Assessment. If you opt to use the same skill a second time in a row (presumably your best skill), you get a -2 to your check.

Breath Weapon [-2]

As per YS162
Projectile [-2] Your “Breath weapon” is some form of projectile. Because of this you add increased stress from any Strength powers you possess. In addition, each level of strength increases the range of your breath weapon by 1 zone. (Example, if you have Supernatural Strength you would deal 6 stress with your breath weapon, and you could affect targets up to 3 zones away.)
Strong Breath [-1] You breath weapon is extremely potent. You add 4, instead of 2, to the stress your breath weapon deals. In addition you add 1 to any rolls to perform maneuvers. This power cannot be combined with projectile.
Mighty Breath [-1] Your breath weapon is extremely powerful. Add an additional 2 stress, and a 1 to maneuvers when using your breath weapon, for a total of 6 Stress/2 for Maneuvers. This Power cannot be taken with Projectile.
Wide Breath [-2] Your breath weapon affects everyone in a single zone.
Ranged Breath [-1] The range of your breath is increased by one zone.

Mnemosyne’s Shadow [-2]

Description: Normally filed beside similar abilities like Cassandra’s Tears and Prescience, with Mnemosyne’s Shadow you learn things without previous experience or exposure to the subject matter. You literally pull knowledge out of thin air. You Know things….

Skills Affected: Lore

Musts: Must have a High Concept or Trouble that reflects the ability and can be compelled frequently. Examples: The High Concept Mnemosyne’s Errand Boy or the Troubles Knows Way Too Much or Insufferable Know-it-all.

Strange Knowledge: You can use your Lore Skill to get Answers about a subject for a Scene. The difficulty of the Lore check set by the GM should reflect not just how general the knowledge is, but also how secret it is. However, you can’t control the breadth or the accuracy of the information gained. You almost always get fairly random knowledge in addition to what is being looked for. For example, if you use the Shadow to gain knowledge about a Clued-in Mobster you may get information about not only his known aliases, but also his shoe size, favorite foods, number of sexual conquests, etc. If using it to find out the combintation to the safe, you might get every combination the safe has ever used and the significance of the digits to the safe’s owner.

Dangerous Knowledge: For a price, you can get potentially “Game-breaking” pieces of knowledge such as the Dark Sorcerer’s True Name. The Price is negotiated with the GM the same way as an escalated compel. Information such as this that could potentially break a storyline could be worth as little as a few Fate Points or as much as a Serious Mental Consequence.

Strategist of the Gods [-1]

Description: During battle, you connect to your allies on an almost telepathic level. Under your guidance their actions are like that of a well-oiled fighting machine, flowing from one enemy to another.

Musts: Must have a supernatural high concept related to tactics, battles, or war (i.e., “Son of Athena”).

Effect: During combat – and without their input – you may direct the actions of allies. This directed action must be described simply and within their abilities (attack that foe, grapple the large one, trip the fast enemy, etc). Your allies need not follow this action, but if they do they are given the temporary aspect of “Guided by (Player Name)”. This aspect may be tagged for free once during the combat; but subsequent uses require the use of a Fate Point. This aspect will be removed if you move out of range of the tactician (greater than 2 zones away).

Faith Healing [-2]

Musts: You must have taken the Guide My Hand and Righteousness powers in order to take this ability.
You may use your Conviction skill to declare justification for your own or another character’s recovery from moderate or severe consequences of any type, even without access to proper facilities, given time to pray and (for another character) lay hands upon the character in question. In addition, you may spend a Fate Point to allow another character to heal from a Consequence as though it were one level lower in severity. So, the subject would recover from moderate consequences as though they were mild, etc. Consequences reduced below mild are always removed by the beginning of a subsequent scene.

Resonant Emotion [Incite Emotion Upgrade; -1]

Musts: Lasting Emotion
Attacks and blocks made with Incite Emotion gain a +1 bonus, and aspects placed with Incite Emotion maneuvers are automatically sticky.

Heart-String Virtuoso [Incite Emotion Upgrade; -1]

Musts: Resonant Emotion
When tagging an aspect placed with your Incite Emotion power, you gain a +1 bonus, for a total of +3.

Emotional Control [Incite Emotion Upgrade; -1]

Musts: Incite Emotion
You may use Discipline instead of Deceit or Intimidation for your Incite Emotion power, and gain a +1 bonus when doing so.

Antimagic Field [Minor Power; -1]

Antimagic Field: Evocation spells cast within your zone inflict one extra mental stress on the caster.

The Hidden Voice [-1]

You can speak directly in to the mind of anyone you see as long as you have eye contact with the target and it is capable of thought.

Inhuman Balance [–1]

Description: You have an uncanny ability to balance on small surfaces.

Skills Affected: Athletics, Stealth

You can stand on and walk along ropes, cables, and narrow ledges without a problem. You also take no penalties for running through uneven terrain as you carefully pick your way through the stones and roots over which most others would trip. You aren’t a spider, however, and cannot hold your footing against extreme weather conditions or flying demons trying to disrupt you, but you do get a +2 to skill checks to stay situated.

Flash Forward (based on Cassandra’s Tears) -0

Description: You get brief flashes of events yet to come. Most of the time, nobody believes your predictions, even after they have come true.

Short-term precognition -2

Description: Your can see a few a moments into the future

Must: You must have Cassandra’s Tears
Pre-emptive Evasion: your dodging checks are made at a +2
I saw you coming: you have a + 4 to alertness check to avoid ambush

Skills Effected
Athletics, Alertness and some other physical skills

Divination -1

Description: You are gifted with a precognitive sense that warns you whenever you are physically endangered, allowing you to dodge attacks and foil ambushes flawlessly. Furthermore, with a degree of effort, you can even perform full-blown prophecies as to the nature of the future.

Mana Locust (Vampirism; -2)

Detect Magic: Within your zone, you may attempt to detect the presence of magic (defined as effects created by or individuals possessing Spellcasting Powers) via an Alertness or Investigation roll. Success provides awareness of the presence of magic, and identifies individuals with Spellcasting Powers if you are already aware of them.
Magic Drain: Whenever an effect created by a Spellcasting Power originates from or targets your zone, its effectiveness is reduced by two shifts.
Mageslayer: Add +1 to close personal combat attacks made against characters possessing Spellcasting Powers.

Phrenic Bulwark -1

Description: You are supernaturally resilient against psychic attacks of all kinds, as well as against any source of fear. In addition, you have the ability to attract psychic assaults towards yourself rather than your less iron-willed allies.

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