Outta The Black

Outta The Black

More information about Outta The Black will be posted here as it unfolds during play.

Outta The Black is a favored house band at the rock club, Count’s Vamp’d. They perform every Saturday and have developed a large following. Their shows usually sell to capacity, which is not hard to do given the small size of the Vamp’d.

The following are members of the band:

  • Shawk Tracer – Guitar and Vocals (Left handed guitar player)
  • Terk Murder – Drummer
  • Fin Allgood – Bass and Vocals (Left handed bass player)
  • Zephron Bliss – Guitar and Vocals
  • Albion Hussey – Vocals

In the Album Rock My World, Track Manic Depression, Shawk had unknowingly been in the possession of Jimi Hendrix’s one-pickup 1956 model of the Silvertone Danelectro, named Betty Jean, an artifact of malicious power. The guitar had been a birthday gift bestowed upon Shawk by Spike Park, a Sac State student who frequents Count’s Vamp’d and is a huge fan of the band.

Outta The Black

Shawk Tracer – Guitar and Vocals
Shawk Tracer

Terk Murder – Drummer

Terk Murder

Finn Allgood- Bass and Vocals

Finn Allgood

Zephron Bliss – Guitar and Vocals

Zephron Bliss

Albion Hussey – Vocals

Albion Hussey

Outta The Black is an actual band based in Las Vegas, NV. Their image fit perfectly with the Album (adventure) Rock My World. The band member’s names were changed for this adventure, and no disrespect has been intended in the usage of the band name and their likenesses.

Outta The Black

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