Character Stories and Adventure Logs

This page contains an overview for the campaign adventure logs. Each adventure arc is an Album, and the individual adventures are the Tracks. Each Track has its own Theme Song, relating somehow to the adventure it is associated with. Click on the Track Title for a link to the entry in the Adventure Logs section.

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♬ I ♥ the 90s CAMPAIGN

Album 1: tit for tat
Welcome to Sacramento.
“tit for tat” is an introductory adventure arc, acquainting (or reacquainting) the characters with each other as they get to know the city and its inhabitants. Fate, as well as a touch of faith, bring several special and talented people together in unusual ways, and deep connections are discovered that link these already unusual people, forming bonds that will be tested by both internal and external forces… mortal and supernatural alike.

Track 1: Train, Train
Release Date: 5 August 2012 ~ Session 1
• Alex Toussant eagerly hopes that this next town, Sacramento CA, is the city where she will locate her sister, who disappeared during Hurricane Katrina seven years ago, without a word. She is tired of riding trains across the country, following endless leads. The loa of guilt guided her here. Raven’s scent, it told Alex, was stronger than ever. But it had said that before…
• Ex-Marine Dylan James has yet another vision. He curses the aliens and rushes out the door – mere minutes to get to the station and save the woman he’d seen in his reverie; save her from a crazed gunman.
• Standing on the platform as the train from Reno pulls into the I Street Amtrak station, Fi Bettencourt impatiently waits to give a mysterious, and very shiny, steel briefcase to her Uncle’s colleague, Alvin Teague.
• The wide-eyed Teague presses a sweaty palm against the window of the train. He does not see the courier through the fog in his mind, and the summer heat is unbearable. The world around him beats with a terrifying pulse. Alvin doesn’t understand these alien urges, and fear tears at his chest, choking him. He reaches for his .45 service pistol strapped to his ankle. They won’t get him, he’ll kill anyone who tries.

Track 2: Goths, Gangbangers and Wifebeaters… Oh My!!!
Release Date: 17 August 2012 ~ Session 2
Setting out to discover and identify the victims of the unusual disease or curse now known as “Sweat Walker’s”, Alex, Dylan and Fee (using her computer and the internet), discover the identities of four victims: a closet goth state worker who frequents Carpe Noctem, a housewife who may have cheated on her husband, a street gang banger who pulled his gun on his fellow gang members and was subsequently shot by the police, and Alvin Teague – the soldier from the Amtrak train, now being held at the Sacramento Jail. Tracking down clues to their movements and whereabouts proves difficult, and potentially dangerous as well.

Track 3: The Dark End of the Street
Release Date: 18 August 2012 ~ Session 3
Joined by Michael, Dylan’s government agent friend, the investigations continue and the team discovers they are not the only ones looking into the strange transformations of normally ordinary people into the crazed “Sweat Walkers.” This time the group decide to enter Carpe Noctem for more answers, with deleterious results.

Track 4: Speculande Nocte
Release Date: 1 September 2012 ~ Session 4
The investigation into the “Sweat Walkers” continues, with Alex and Dylan making preparations and executing their plan to plant hidden cameras in the Carpe Noctem. Also, Alex summons the ghost of Brian Turvey, one of the “sweat walkers” who had been slain in the undercity.

Track 5: O Poor Tuna
Release Date: 14 September 2012 ~ Session 5
Settling themselves into a derelict house across from Carpe Noctem, Dylan and Michael successfully test the electronic surveillance. Seeing an old man fitting the description of their target, Michael approaches the old man, Trunkler, and as they sit outside the nightclub waiting for the doors to open, an interesting and enlightening conversation takes place, and information regarding the “Sweat Walkers” is revealed.

Track 6: Holy Water
Release Date: 22 September 2012 ~ Session 6
Fulfilling the bargain with the changeling Trunkler, Michael and his allies determine the holdout of the murderous ghoul. They arrive just in time to stop Calles the ghoul from partaking in his evening meal – and it turns out the victim, and the person Michael has promised to save, is none other than the Half-Portune, Trunkler himself!

Bonus Track:
Smoker? I didn’t even know her!
Release Date: 18 November 2012 ~ Session 7
A body charred and crispy is found in the BBQ smoker in a restaurant owned by a friend of Slim. Alex is asked to investigate, and she calls Fee and Dylan, who in turn calls Michael. “Mac,” the owner of Joe’s Barbecue, does not want the police involved, for if word got out that a corpse was cooked in his smoker, it would ruin his business in an instant. Is the girl whose cooked body was discovered just the latest victim in ‘World War Q’? Or is there something more going on behind the rivalry of four distinctly different Sacramento barbecue restaurants, who all share similar names?

Album 2: Rock My World
The music industry in Sacramento is getting dangerous. A cursed guitar once owned by the late Jimi Hendrix sends club-goers into and angst driven frenzy, and Alex’s sister gets caught up in it, becoming affected by its terrible power. Discovering the artifact is but the first note in a score of intrigue, deceit, and and clash between supernatural forces, all vying for power over the arts in Sactown.

Track 1: Manic Depression
Release Date: 12 January 2013 ~ Session 8
In an attempt to discover what has been causing Raven’s change of behavior, Alex recruits her friends to track town her missing sister after she fails to show up for her shift at Annie Mae’s. Raven has been obsessing over a local rock/metal band, and the team converges on the club where they regularly play. The heroes meet a novice Private Investigator along the way, who has been hired by the club to determine why their patrons have been acting irrationally, and they all team up to locate the source of the overriding angst and anger that has turned the club-goers into a raging mob.

Track 2: Fire
Release Date: 2 February 2013 ~ Session 9
Responding to the three firebombs that were hurled onto Count’s Vamp’d while the team was inside, they scrambled to put out the fire and survive the hail of gunfire that awaited them a they fled the nightclub. The heroes succeeded in capturing one of the goons (Geun) and a couple of gangbangers, but whoever was truly behind the attack got safely away. Later, the group is hired by a very prestigious and famous person. Hired to get to the bottom of not only the murderous attacks, but also to discover what the Hendrix guitar has to do with the club, and who is behind the psychic attacks on its patrons.

Track 3: Bright Lights, Big City
Release Date: 22 February 2013 ~ Session 10
The investigation of two seemingly unconnected events, the appearance of the Hendrix Guitar and the strong-arm firebombing of Count’s Vamp’d, turn out to have a tenuous connection. Michael and Alex follow the trail of the Guitar, while Dylan (recovering from his shotgun wounds) stays indoors and researches Carpe Noctem and Gaston Neahr, digging up some disturbing connections to the Red Court of Vampires in South America. Eva discovers that the Geun brothers may be demon-spawn; these creeps surely are not pure mortals.

In a startling revelation, Dylan has a series of his unusual “Flash Forward” events, glimpsing two major future events: The first vision – a devastating ritual in modern-day Chichén Itzá involving vampires sacrificing hundreds of human victims in some huge ritual, and a small group of armed men led by a wizard who intends to stop them; and in the second vision – a practitioner opens a portal which allows alien-beings (who resemble mayan gods) to pass into our realm. It is understood that this ritual will happen downtown where the town’s two key lines cross, just blocks from the state capitol

Album 3: Keep On Rockin’ My World
Officially employed by House Park, Dune Investigations (our heroes) begin to dig into ever deepening issues in the supernatural community, with startling revelations. Tension is building in the Vampire Wars, and the fallout is beginning to reach Sactown. Additionally, a local plot, somehow related to the Mayan Calendar, is beginning to surface. Will Sacramento succumb to the terrible ritual seen in Dylan’s vision? What does this mean? And is it linked somehow to Gaston Neahr and the Vampire Wars?

Track 1: Payback’s a Bitch
Release Date: 10 March 2013 ~ Session 11
It was discovered that Michael McConnel was taken by surprise, clocked on the noggin with a baseball bat and kidnapped by a few members of Outta the Black, in an attempt by some of the band members to recover the stolen guitar. They were tipped off that their guitar had not, in fact, been destroyed by the fire, but that an interfering government agent and his accomplices actually stole the prized instrument. Luckily, Alex used some of Michael’s blood, found at the scene of his abduction, to create a tracking crystal. They discovered Michael, as well as three members of the band, inside a self-storage unit in Rancho Cordova, where Michael was being “interrogated” as to the location of the guitar. Alex, Dylan and Eva rescued Michael, but not before some significant injuries were sustained on both sides.

Track 2: Payback’s a Bitch ~ Part 2
Release Date: 17 March 2013 ~ Session 12
Michael and Alex come home from the hospital and the group has to deal with the aftermath of the abduction. Digging back into the investigation, some interesting facts are discovered regarding Gaston Neahr and his South American contacts. Raven gets some revenge on the men who hurt her sister, and Michael has a heart-to-heart with the kidnapper who used his head for batting practice. Finally, the group discovers that while in the hospital, Dylan, Alex and Michael’s cell phones had been compromised when Dylan’s explodes, killing an AT&T Customer Service person who was troubleshooting the reason it was not working properly. Despite all this turmoil, Michael manages to make it to his date with Detective VanVeen right on time, and Alex and Raven have a romantic evening with the cute Pryde brothers.

Track 3: Bad Blood
Release Date: 6 April 2013 ~ Session 13
The RC Vampire Gaston Neahr calls the team for a meeting, where he assures them he was not responsible for the threats and attack on Count’s Vamp’d, nor for the phone bombs. Next, a simple favor for Uncle Bobby turns into a major clue when the Fuchsbau drug dealer is discovered to be selling drug tainted blood bags to the OPB gang bangers Night Train and Lil’ Mo (Gaston Neahr’s drug mule contacts with the OPB leader Hell-T). Hell-T orders a hit on “Sleep Train” and “Bev Mo” for their unauthorized indiscretions, but Mo escapes, and is eventually rescued by the team, confessing his involvement and implicating the Geuns and Charlie (Neahr’s manager at Carpe Noctem) in the tainted blood incident as well as the attack on the rival club.

Track 4: Timely Warning
Release Date: 11 May 2013 ~ Session 14
Dune Investigations (the party) spend a few days investigating Charley, the manager at Carpe Noctem, and the Geun brothers. The investigation is interrupted by a suspicious phone call from Detective Val VanVeen, who acts strangely when discussing a lunch date with Michael. The group speeds to the Police Station to find VanVeen missing, with supernatural forces implicated. Alex’s rattlesnake charm starts to buzz, alerting them of danger in the office. Their secretary Jeanine is in danger. Hopefully they will make it to the office in time to save her from a shape-shifting Geun brother.

Track 5: Bullet Hits the Bone
Release Date: 26 May 2013 ~ Session 15
Rushing to the offices of Dune Investigations, the team catches one of the Geun brothers, aided by Kytten (WC vigrin) and Stan (Odiomancer extraordinaire) ransacking the office, looking for (or simply destroying) data. The fight is driven through the wall and outside on the street, and witnessed by dozens of people as Geun is killed, then bursts into flames. Jeanine, and later Val VanVeen, are rescued. It is discovered that the culprit behind the break-in, as well as the previous attack on Count’s Vamp’d, is none other than the bratty White Court Vampire, Dan “Spike” Park.

Track 6: Picking Up the Pieces
Release Date: 23 June 2013 ~ Session 16
  • In the lull after the attack on Dune Investigations, the team make efforts to clean up the old office. They are questioned by the police but play it close to the vest.
  • A few days later, their fancy dinner plans are interrupted by an ambush attack by a couple of Oak Park Blood gang members. Another ill-planned attack on the street, this time by Tad Turner, lands the defeated Fuchsbau in jail.
  • Sergeant Opfer insists on personally interrogating the group, which heightens their suspicion that he may be on the take. They suspect his recent vacation to South America was suspiciously convenient, given that region is the headquarters of the Red Court of Vampires.
  • After spending a few days searching, the group finds a new office, complete with excellent security. The lease papers are drawn up.

Track 7: Unwanted Attention
Release Date: 7 July 2013 ~ Session 17
  • The publicity of the brutal attack on Dune Investigations has indeed attracted unwanted attention. The news want details, the cops want answers, the drug dealers want revenge. Additionally, Michaels employers want to know what mischief he is into, and how it will affect his job. But the most notably disquieting bit of news comes via a visit by a White Council Wizard, who makes inquiries and insinuations.
  • Kytten’s recovery hits a snag, and when the team investigate, they make a grisly discovery, and when they follow up on a lead, their suspect leads them to a dead end. Literally.
  • An entire month passes with no news of the Geuns, Spike or the Odiomancer Stan. Time is running out, and now Alex has been invited to New Orleans for a very important event, which will push her return right up against the Winter Solstice.

Track 8: Digging Deep
Release Date: 6 April 2014 ~ Session 18
  • The team continues to investigate Gaston Neahr and his connection to the South American Red Court Vampires.
  • They discover a secret underground escape tunnel.
  • Charley, Neahr’s former employee confronts the team, ultimately to give them some dirt on Neahr.
  • Now all they have to do is prove the accusations against Neahr.

Track 9: Out of the Frying Pan
Release Date: 27 April 2014 ~ Session 19
  • While the investigations continue, Eva Dune is arrested for the murder of Dan “Spike” Park. It is confirmed that Park was murdered under suspicious circumstances, bludgeoned to death. Witnesses place Eva, in her demonic form, at the scene.
  • The DEA confirms that Night Train and Lil ’Mo sold drug-laced blood, from the River Wolves MC to Charley, former manager at Carpe Noctem.
  • Alex summons a Loa and learns much about Spike’s mother, grandmother, and the ancient gods they worshipped, gods that were banished long ago to a far corner of the Nevernever by the White Council. She also learns more details of Stan’s plan to summon them back into the mortal realm once again.


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