Laptop File - Vampires


Red Court Vampires

1/17/00 Looking into vampires. Yes, real bloodsucking vamps.

5/15/01 I’ve learned of a war between the RC and the White Council. Supposedly started in Chicago. Wizard by the name of Dresden attacked a RC nest, breaking the accords. Source tells me the war has been underway for around a year.

3/12/07 Fab 40s – Confirmed: Stettler, P. Rochester, L. Veracruz, L. at least three more unconfirmed. Discovered photo of Settler from the 1800’s. He has not aged a day. They are deep into politics, and I am hesitant to dig into just how deep. Also, It seems these locals don’t want to get involved in the war, which remains ongoing. It seems most of the hostilities are in Europe and South America.

12/15/11 – Carpe Noctem. A new club. Source states that the owner, Neahr, is an RC from South America sent to deal with the pacifists (The Fab 40s).

Black Court Vampires

2/23/99 Bram Stoker novel is real. I have seen one of them. I was terrified, but lived. This is a real threat.

11/19/01 BC has a nest in the Undercity, they use Ghouls and Thralls as their eyes and ears, and for errands and as enforcers. The BC have been horribly weakened in the last few decades, due to the Stoker novel. The 1992 movie also helped to keep them in check. Don’t know what their agenda is, but it seems survival is foremost on their list.

White Court Vampires

6/1/99 Pretty sure Charnel House is owned, or backed by WC. Club Retro also tagged as possible WC hangout. Several unusual deaths at the club, all dismissed as drug related (mostly overdoses). Park is a WC. He is blood with the Twin Cities Parks. There is an unconfirmed rumor that Prince (the artist formerly known and now again known as Prince) is an Elder of House Park. Prince founded Paisley Park Studios.

There are several houses of WC vamps, and all are dangerous. House Raith, House Ghermezin, House Malvora, House Park, House Malgus and several others. Each house feeds off a different emotion, or so I am to understand.

9/12/06 Xander Park of House Park has been identified as living in Sac. He was called Count Park in Minneapolis. He is also linked to Charnel House. Report

10/18/09 – Many deaths at college parties. Similar to the ones at Club Retro ten years ago. Police are writing them off as alcohol or drug related, but I suspect WC activity. Seems like feeding victims.

11/4/09 – House Park children are attending classes at Sac State, two have joined Tau Kappa Mu fraternity, where “hazing” killed another student. Dan Park, son of Reginald of House Park is among the student body.

Jade Court Vampires

From all reports, these Vamps have not come to the United States and are based in central China.

Diamond Court Vampires

The Twilight fictional novels detail this Court. I, for one, do not believe they exist, but the net is full of unconfirmed rumors. Of course, such vampires are reported to be based in Washington State.

Silver Court Vampires

I have not found any evidence of SC vamps in Sac. They are bloodline vamps, like the Whites, and can walk in the sun as well. They feed on blood like the Blacks and Reds, and some eat flesh as ghouls do.

Laptop File - Vampires

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