Power: Divination

“I swear! No matter what I do, I just can’t sneak up on you. You are no fun at all!!”

New Psychic Power: Divination [-1]

Description: You are gifted with a precognitive sense that warns you whenever you are physically endangered, allowing you to dodge attacks and foil ambushes flawlessly. Furthermore, with a degree of effort, you can even perform full-blown prophecies as to the nature of the future.

Musts: You must have Alertness at Average (+1) or higher, even before any stunts or supernatural powers.

Skills Affected: Alertness, Athletics.


  • Prescient Dodge. You gain a +1 to Athletics when using it to defend against physical attacks and physical maneuvers, although this bonus cannot cause your Athletics for defending against such attacks to exceed your skill cap.
  • Ambush Immunity. You gain a +1 to Alertness for the purpose of initiative, and you are always treated as having beaten the Stealth roll of anyone attempting to ambush you. The timing of your precognition against danger is such that you never have the window of opportunity to warn others before they are ambushed themselves.
  • Deliberate Divination. You are able to make precognitive predictions. Any information you receive from this power is a prophecy concerning events in the future which can be bypassed or averted if the right courses of action are taken. This functions roughly as invoking an aspect for effect; you do not generate any aspect from this prediction, since the prediction you gain is its own reward.
    • If you spend 1 fate point to invoke for effect, the prophecy you gain is moderately helpful. For example, you might predict that the killer will strike again tonight.
    • If you spend 2 fate points to invoke for effect, the prophecy you gain is substantially and significantly helpful. For example, you might predict that the killer will strike again at 11:45 P.M. tonight.

Evocation Element. Instead of paying [-1] for this power, you can take it as one of your three elements for the Evocation [-3] power. If you do so, you reduce the number of rotes you know by 1. You cannot actually cast any evocation spells using Divination as an element; all you receive are the power’s effects and the ability to use it for thaumaturgic crafting.


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