Count's Vamp'd

Count’s Vamp’d
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More information about Count’s Vamp’d will be posted here as it unfolds during play.

The club has been around for five years, according to Rose. It enjoyed an early success, and the last six months have been extremely profitable for The Count and his wife.

The following are characters known to frequent or work at Count’s Vamped.

  • “Count” Melvin Booker – Owner and proprietor of Count Vamp’d. Also involved with Charnel House Records.
  • Rose Belvue – Melvin’s wife and manager of Count Vamp’d.
  • Trace Maddix – Doorman who will soon be fired for doing his job poorly.
  • Katie Kattral – Lead Bartender, also on the axe list for drinking on the job (and stealing alcohol)
  • Outta The Black – The house band that plays every Saturday night and had gathered a sizable following.

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Rose Belvue is the manager of Count’s Vamp’d, and is married to the owner, “Count” Melvin Booker. She is a class act and an incredible beauty. She is sensual in everything she does, a consummate professional, yet she is entirely devoted to her husband, who she always refers to as “The Count.” Ms. Belvue, as she prefers to be called, does not love the music or the atmosphere of the club, but instead sees the venue as her place of employment, knowing that the style and genre of the venue are popular and profitable. When in the club, Ms. Belvue sets herself apart from the customers and staff, elegantly displaying her status as manager, and her mere presence earns the respect of those around her.

Vamp d extCounts vampd marqueeCount's vamp'd rock bar
Vamp d parking lot

The Sactown Blues Count’s Vamp’s is based on an actual club located in Las Vegas, NV. Their style of club fit perfectly with the Album (adventure) Rock My World. I borrowed the logo, some info, the marquee pic, and an interior pic from the club. No infringement is intended, and I love what I have discovered about the real club, and if I ever get to Vegas, I am going to visit. The photos of the exterior of the club above are from Bisla’s on Folsom Blvd, including a Google Maps satellite pic. Bisla’s location (close to Sac State) made it the perfect choice to place Vamp’d.%


Count's Vamp'd

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