Tesla Pistol

weapon (ranged)
Tesla Pistol
Item Concept
Weapon: 1 through 5

5 effective charges. Each setting uses one charge per setting. Once the charges are expended, the Tesla must be recharged for a day.

A TESLA is an eclectroshock weapon that is rather potent, at the risk of limited usability. Electroshock weapons do physical stress, but tend to lead to consequences like STUNNED (mild), ELECTRICAL BURN (moderate), FIBRILLATING (severe), and NERVE DAMAGE (extreme).

The Tesla, affectionately referred to as a “polyphase ass-kicker,” is an electroshock weapon that operates much like a modern taser, emitting a directed electrical charge in order to incapacitate a target. In addition to stunning the victim, the electric shock scrambles the synapses of the brain for a brief moment, which deletes several minutes’ worth of immediate short-term memory. The stunning and short-term memory loss occur at a setting of two on the device. Highest settings of five are more dangerous and are known to turn people to ash. However, at very close range, settings as low as 1 or 2 can still be dangerous. When the electrical streams of two Teslas are aimed at each other, the resulting collision causes a shockwave strong enough to knock the wielders off their feet.

The Tesla can only fire several times between charges, depending on their setting. Once they run out of power, the Tesla must be returned to its carrying case, where it can then be plugged in and recharged.

The Warehouse has a ‘Target Coil’ (an original Tesla Coil) which agents can use for target practice with their Teslas without fear of damaging nearby electronics or Warehouse systems.

By canon, the Tesla gun technically has 10 power levels, each rising in increments of 0.5.

Nikola Tesla was an inventor and an electrical engineer. With some help from the then-apprentice, H.G. Wells, he designed and created the Tesla gun for Warehouse 12.

The gun is also seen as a sign of Warehouse agent (or ex-agent) activity.

Tesla Pistol

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