Michael McConnell

Michael McConnell

Power Level: Feet in the Water

  • Total Refresh:  6 (+2)
  • Unspent Refresh:  3
  • Skill Cap:  Great
  • Total Skill Points:  25
  • Unspent Skill Points:  1
About me…
      PHYSICAL (Endurance): oooo          
      MENTAL (Conviction): oooø          
      SOCIAL (Presence): oooø          
Michael doesn’t talk about his job. If he did, he’d have to kill you.

Lots of people say that as a joke. Michael isn’t joking the same way most people are.

He works for a nebulous government organization, in a capacity much like a law enforcement agent, but he seems to turn a blind eye a lot more frequently than most cops might. Also, he spends a lot of time between assignments, drinking coffee and flirting with baristas. He likes his downtime, but Michael has a very serious problem with being bored. He makes a lot of noise about not wanting to get involved, or about his vacation time getting interrupted, but between his innate sense of duty and his adrenaline addiction, he can’t stay uninvolved when his service buddy (don’t ask about what service) Dylan calls him for help.
It also doesn’t hurt that Alex is very easy on the eyes.

Michael s business card


Michael McConnell

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